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Was not meant to be

Saturday was a big day for the ongoing, everlasting WSU and UW rivalry…but this time for college hoops.  WSU was playing in Seattle, trying to avenge their loss to the Huskies earlier this season.  Micah and I decided to host a viewing party because it was going to be a good, fun game and we have many friends on both the WSU and UW sides. 

The original plan called for playing some friendly outdoor basketball first, and then heading to our house for a luau (we made tons of Hawaiian food) and watching the game.

Well, it was not meant to be. We woke up Saturday morning and it was snowing…alot.  The whole week prior…it’s been a little rainy and cloudy in the morning, but has been sunny and dry by noontime.  Even Friday, the weather was dry, sunny and perfect.  But no…not Saturday, it was a wet, cold mess (i.e. no chance of playing basketball unless someone wanted a torn MCL).

Nonetheless, everyone came over to the house and we still had a great time playing some Wii, eating some yummy food, and watching the game.  It was such a CLOSE game.  But, alas, it was not meant to be.  Cougs lost by 7 points.  Argh…a tough loss.  But, we won Apple Cup, so neener neener. 🙂

P.S. My Oreo Truffles (see a few posts below) were a hit! YUMMY!

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