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Things that make me go hmm…

Oh, it’s been so long since my last TTMMGH post!  I should get better about this as I am witness to hmm-worthy things quite often. 

But my latest find comes from one of my favorite retailers – Target.  Micah and I were there picking up a few things – and lo and behold, my eyes caught sight of this:


Belle – what happened?  Sure – go ahead and blame this on my immature mind – but PLEASE, this is so wrong!!!!  Hmmm…someone didn’t quite think this through.



And Buzz Lightyear too?  How perfect would it be if there was a Woody thermos? Hahahahaha!

TTMMGH #16 – US edition

It’s been awhile since my last Things That Make Me Go Hmm post.  Perhaps since I’m back in comfortable surroundings – I don’t tend to find my environment so TTMMGH-worthy…until today!

Have you ever bought a shirt and when you look inside, you find little “inspected by” stickers?  I’ve never quite understood what that really means or if the effort to stick that little sticker on each shirt is really worth it.  By the way, I seriously hope that’s an automated process.

Well, my recently purchased Target tee had THREE of these stickers.  Seriously?  If someone knows what these stickers mean – please divulge. 

   My tee shirt means serious business.  I’m used to randomly finding one sticker…but three.  Whoa.  I have a well-inspected tee. 

TTMMGH – Korea edition #15

I’ve mentioned a time or two about the common misuse of the English (aka Engrish) language in Korea.  I suspect most Koreans don’t even know the English is wrong. 

Here are a few fun t-shirts we spotted a couple weeks ago at a random “sell your t-shirts on the street corner” shop.  Which is your favorite?


The spice bottles read: Garam Masala, Chili Powder, and Cumin Seeds.  YOU WANT THIS SOURCE?



Actually, I didn’t know that “Romantics love violence, too.”  Good to know.



I know you’re tempted to say it…but don’t. 🙂



Someone alert the American Diabetes Assoc.  I think we have a new slogan on our hands.  “Beating diabetes with Hugs and Love.”  I thought it was a balanced diet and exercise.  Hmm..go figure.


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TTMMGH – Korea edition #14

This post should actually be titled Things that make me go ewww – that would more accurately reflect my feelings about seeing these little critters.


Hello caterpillars.  Eight hours later – 90% of these were sold.

Now, I’ve seen these caterpillars sold at the street market near our house, as well as a street market in Busan.  So it’s not just some random thing – but something that actually does have some level of appeal/demand.


Yes, they are alive. And they are crawling around everywhere.

I couldn’t tell you what they do with these.  And neither could five of the Korean friends I asked.  The likely guess is that Koreans eat these, but I can’t be sure of that and it must not be that popular of a cuisine if they do eat them.  Or rather, maybe they are pets, they spin silk out of them, use them as live bait – not sure.  So…if YOU know what the heck these are for, I’d love to know too.


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From hmm…to mmm

A while back (in Edition 2 of Things that Make Me Go Hmm), I wrote about how Koreans LOVE to eat a mix of onions, ketchup, and mustard when dining at the Costco food court.

It definitely brings a good round of stares from foreigners whenever we see Koreans with their plates piled high with mounds of the oniony mix.  And let me remind you – EVERY Korean table has such a plate amongst them. 

Well, I have to admit – the other day we were at Costco – and I found myself with a plate of onions, ketchup, and mustard.  I know! I know!


Here I am mixing up my onions. 

I would like to point out that the main use of these onions was as another “filling” to the dry, Bulgogi Bake we were eating (like a Chicken Bake, but with bulgogi – beef – instead).  And the onion mix was just the thing to make the Bulgogi Bake taste delish!


Let me also point out that it was my Korean co-teacher accompanying us who piled the onions so high!  I could only “muster” (hee hee!) a couple of bites at most.

Hmm…what will I do when I go to Costco in the US?  To onion or not to onion. 🙂

TTMMGH – Korea edition #13

Hmm…look at the picture.  It’s of an ordinary shelf in the grocery store (one near our house).  See anything interesting?


Well, aside from the Korean writing on the packaging – do you see anything a little peculiar?


I did!  Let’s take a close up view of the bottom shelf in particular.


Yes, my friends – that is butter and margarine – right next to the ketchup and mayo.  Of course!  🙂

The other stores I know of around here (that even sell butter), definitely store it in the refrigerated section.  But not this particular mart. 

It’s not that I think it’s a sort of health threat (I know many people who keep a butter dish on the counter so that it’s soft and spreadable), but let’s keep in mind – the temperatures of late have been in the high 80s to low 90s (that’s Fahrenheit).  It’s freakin’ hot outside and in a lot of places inside like this store (no air conditioning).

Well, next time I bake something and am in need of softened butter – I know just the place to go. 😉

TTMMGH – Korea edition #12

Koreans love their coffee…er…love their very sweet coffee.  There are hundreds of cafe’s all over the place – cute little boutique ones, major chains like Starbucks, even cafe’s where you can pet cats or dogs or sit next to huge oversized stuffed teddy bears.  Access is no problem…unless of course it’s in the morning.

This is the Bau Haus Cafe in Seoul.  Here you can enjoy a ‘ca-pooch-ino’ (I love puns).  I haven’t been here  – Micah won’t go with me!


While I don’t drink much coffee, I’d venture to say most Westerners consider coffee to be a necessity for first thing in the morning.  Finding coffee shops open at 6am – no problem.  

In Korea – good luck!  If it’s noon you want, then sure – no problem.  Cafe’s here stay open very late, but early morning is just not their thing. 


Look at this cute coffee shop – located RIGHT NEXT to a university.  It’s 9:30am on a Sunday.  Perfect coffee drinking, newspaper reading, chatting time.  But no…CLOSED!

And in case you are wondering – it’s not that Koreans don’t drink coffee in the morning.  Many of my teachers come to school and the first thing they do is make some hot water for their instant-coffee. 


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