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A true SUNday

What a perfect day – sunny, warm, and no work! That meant all play for us. Happy Mother’s Day too!!

We are starting to finally get some warm weather in Seattle – which is awesome. People start to perk up and some of that Seattle “nice ice” starts to meltaway (ok, that may not be true, but people certainly seem to be more happy and friendly when it’s sunny out).

Note: Click here if you don’t know what I’m referring to by Seattle nice ice. It’s an old article, but gives you a good idea of what this odd phenomenon is about.

Micah and I took advantage of the beautiful rays emitted by that shiny glowing orb in the sky – and had a picnic in the park.

micah sun

Micah’s always happiest when it’s “take your shirt off” kind of weather

We dusted off our bikes, picked up a yummy bahn mi sandwich and spring rolls, and had ourselves some good eating, reading, and lounging time. It was perfect! We are hoping for this kind of weather from here on out!

Beer 101

Micah is a certified beer maker. Well, more like – he took a class and learned all the in’s and out’s of real beer making and came home with this awesome kit.


Apparently he came home with a high-top hair cut too.

He purchased a Groupon for a beer making class and finally got around to taking it. The class was through Mountain Home Brew in Kirkland. It was a 3 hour class where the students received detailed instruction on how to correctly brew beer.

Now, you might recall that Micah has been doing a bit of home brewing via his Mr. Beer kit. And there have been some pretty tasty results from his efforts. But apparently, that’s not real beer making. And if you tell real beer makers about your Mr. Beer kit – just wait for the eye rolls.

Micah did score this pretty sweet kit – complete with a bunch of supplies and equipment that I have no idea their specific purpose. But once he finishes using up all his Mr. Beer supplies, he’ll try a bit of beer making 100% from scratch. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s really a difference in taste.

Right now, Micah is brewing up a batch of Mr. Beer Irish Stout – it should be ready just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Did someone say…black and tans? Smile

And we’re back…sort of

Hi guys! It’s been awhile…a whole month to be exact. I didn’t post in January because well 1) I had NO time and 2) I opted that to be my 31 day challenge – I know, that’s kind of lame. But as I always say, it’s my 31 day challenge – feel free to do your own challenge with your own rules. Smile

I’ll do my best to blog more…but it’s going to be tough – mainly because of my new job. With any new job, there’s a lot to navigate – the culture, the people, the vocabulary, the work, etc. etc. I’m really liking it, but it’s no piece of cake. And I am finding myself with little time and mental energy at the end of the day.

January was an action-packed, fun-filled month. Recaps to come. But to summarize – no less in limerick form:

We were in Hawaii for 9 wonderful days
we went to the beach and soaked up some rays.

We got to spend time with Brian, Tera and my nieces
It was so fun and I miss them to pieces!!!

We ate lots of good food, including shave ice
and nearly every meal we ate included two scoops of white rice.

For two nights, we stayed in a beautiful ocean-view suite
We didn’t have to pay a thing, what an awesome treat!

We saw Zoe and Russ get married in an amazing ceremony
And partied the night away with fun friends and family.

We came home to Seattle all covered in white snow
But not quite enough – off to work we had to go Sad smile

But then more snow fell and we did not venture outside
We worked from home, snuggled, and stayed warm and dry.

Our friends hosted a murder mystery dinner, it was such a hit
We dressed in costumes, ate yummy food, and guessed whudunnit?

Micah’s birthday was filled with Japanese food and sake
We ate and drank and sang lots and lots and lots of karaoke!!!!

And the very next day, what does he want for his special birthday dinner?
Japanese food of course, that’s a no brainer.

The search continues for “our” house, but nothing so far
Oh, and last night…someone hit my car.

The month has flown by and I’m excited to see
What new things I can rhyme about for the month of February!

I’ll get around to posting pics, I promise!!

Pedal pushing

This summer Micah and I have gotten pretty good use out of our bikes.  We’ve explored our neighborhood and stumbled upon new shortcuts, food places, and trails and parks. 

As long as the weather stays nice and sunny – I’m always game for a good bike ride (and with enough prodding…Micah is too).  And since our kickball league has ended – we found ourselves with an unplanned Sunday.  Whoa.


Micah and I hopped on our bikes and headed about 5.5 miles south to the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  We locked up our bikes and grabbed a bite of sushi.  And then headed to Coldstone Creamery to use a Groupon – and got some delish ice cream – perfect on this sunny day.


Who do you think has the chocolate, peanut butter, oreo, fudge combo? Smile



Micah loving his ice cream.  So much – that he left some on his lip for later.

We rode back up (literally…a nice steady incline for most the way), to Greenlake, and lounged there for a bit.  We played some cards, people watched, and just enjoyed getting some sun.  It was such a great day…plus we got some good calorie-burning, pedaling in.  I’m hoping we’ll do more of this – and check out other neighborhoods without the burden of cars and parking.


Getting ready to ride at Greenlake Park.

Tera & Co: A trip to the museum

The Children’s Museum in Seattle is a FANTASTIC place to take your little ones.  There’s all sorts of activities: things to play on, crawl on, look at, touch, paint, etc. 

Warning: it gets crowded!

Hello fishy fish!


There were several slides throughout the museum…and she loved each one.


Of course, there was a huge room devoted to arts and crafts. 


In the outdoor “mountainy” section – Isabella felt right at home.


Where are we going?  Lead the way!!


The Metro bus – Isabella’s favorite thing of the whole museum.


Get outta my way! Honk! Honk!


Isabella is thinking at this moment “I’d rather be driving.”


The museum even had a small grocery store set up. It was awesome!  You could even scan the groceries.


There were TONS more rooms to check out, but we had nap times and feedings to take into account.  So we ended our time at The Children’s Museum with none other than…going down the slide! 

There’s not a ton for 5 month olds to do…but I think Olivia was generally entertained.

In a wine country…

Remember that old 80s song called “In a big country” – sung by the group Big Country?  No…hmm.  Well, that song is what’s going through my head as I write this.  P.S. It’s a great song – go YouTube immediately!

Anyways, Micah, myself – and four other friends are headin’ to wine country county….aka…Yakima!  Some do it consider this hot piece of land the “Napa Valley of Washington” (most likely coming from people who live in Yakima).  We are heading out East for two nights of camping and two days filled with wine tasting (there’s TONS of wineries out that way), u-pick fruiting (I’m hoping we can hit up peaches and cherries), and of course all the other fun stuff that goes with camping (e.g. eating, drinking, card playing, swimming, sunning, lounging – you get the idea).  Unfortunately, we still have one more day of work to get through.  Boo!!!

We did this same camping trip a few years back – and it was so much fun!

The weather is going to be HOT and sunny!  Watch out – major tan lines in progress.

Rooney to Roonaka to…Tanaka!

We are finally making the rounds to officially change my last name.  Apparently, changing it on Facebook is not “official” enough.  And I say “we” because I didn’t feel this process should be my responsibility alone.  It’s something that impacts me a great deal, and requires a good bit of effort to make happen – there’s no reason husbands can’t shoulder some of that burden.  Micah was happy to oblige.

With that said, Micah has been researching away at all the different forms to fill out, offices to visit, websites to check out, rules, regulations, etc. etc.  This has been quite helpful as this is stuff I don’t have to do! 

On Friday, we embarked on step #1.  A visit to the Social Security office to request a new card with my new last name. 


We lucked out.  The office was just a few blocks from Micah’s work.

We only had to wait five minutes or so…and then a few minutes of the employee plugging away at the computer.  Done and done!  My new card will arrive soon (which is a good thing since I can’t for the life of me find my original one) and now, according to the government…I’m a Tanaka!

Next step…the oh so fun visit to the DMV!  Seriously dreading this one…some of the offices in Seattle regularly have two to three hour wait times.  Shoot. Me. Now.

Where in the world…

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