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We’re talkin’ DAYS people!!

Hello!  Yes, finally – an update.  As you might assume from the lack of blog activity – I (Micah included) have been a busy busy bee.

With a destination wedding – there’s an endless amount to do.  And then layer on a new job – and watch out! 

But we are here in Hawaii and having a good time.  We are trying to do a mix of both relax and hang out with friends AND get wedding stuff checked off. 

Friends and family are starting to trickle in now – which is very exciting! They are here for us…and the fact that it is Hawaii Smile

Only 4 more days to go!!!  Hard to believe, but we are excited for it to finally come!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very important piece of paper.  We’ll be signing you soon!

Off to Hawaii we go…

…and then it’s straight to TMo!

This is my last week of relative “freedom” before I re-enter the full-time working world again (as opposed to the quite flexible and nice working-from-home schedule I’ve been doing).

On Wednesday we head to Honolulu for one day.  Then Thursday, it’s off to the Big Island.  Saturday it’s wedding time for our friend (Micah’s a groomsman).  Sunday is the Seahawks vs the Bears (early morning for us)!!!  And we head back to Honolulu in the afternoon.  Monday we fly back to Seattle and arrive late at night.  And finally, Tuesday morning – day 1 at TMobile!  It’s quite the whirlwind. 

During our very little time in Honolulu, we’ll be doing wedding-related tasks, including meeting with vendors and my wedding hair and makeup trial! 

I’m excited to start my new job, but it’s bittersweet too.  I’m back to early mornings, driving in terrible Seattle traffic, and well…working full-time.  That’s in addition to continuing my independent consulting (I promised my clients I’d stay on to completion for a long-term project), and wedding stuff.  I’m wondering how I’m going to balance it all. 

At least in the last couple of weeks, Micah and I have kicked it into high gear and have completed a number of wedding projects!  5 weeks to go!

Maui wowie!

For three glorious days, Micah and I headed over to the island of Maui to hang out with our fellow English Teacher friends, Gabe and Charissa.  Ah…it was pure bliss.  We got to stay at Charissa’s parent’s house where we were showered with delicious food, never ending drinks, and lots of relax time.  I seriously didn’t want to leave.


This is my second time to Maui (the first time being a year ago when we spent a couple days there before leaving for Korea) and I LOVE this place!  It’s my favorite island…but then again, I’ve only been to Oahu and Maui.  :-) 

The gang taking advantage of some pool time at one of the local resorts, sippin’ drinks, and gettin’ our sun on.

Spelling bee master…er…disaster

Our first real outing since returning to the U.S. – Art After Dark at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Every fourth Friday, the Honolulu Academy of Arts hosts a themed art party.  Ten bucks gets you into the party (where you can drink, eat, dance, and participate in the fun games and events) AND you can visit/tour all of the art galleries.  Pretty cool.  This month’s theme was “The Wonder Years” (think school –themed stuff)

Part of the super fun event included a spelling bee. 

Side note: I friggin’ love spelling.  When I was in elementary school, I participated in at least three or four spelling bees.  My best showing being 3rd grade, followed by 5th grade (let’s just forget about 4th grade). 🙂

When they were starting the spelling bee, there was only enough seats for five participants.  And you had to play rock, paper, scissor to “win” one of the coveted spots.  Luckily for me, when the winners took their seats…there were only four seats taken.  Ah…one left!  And also lucky for me, I just happened to be sitting right by that empty seat.  The emcee, however, asked for volunteers – BOOM – tons of hands spring into the air.  But then he asked for someone who hadn’t been to Art After Dark before – BOOM – I emphatically say “me, me, me!  I just came back from Korea!”  (The emcee interpreted that as “I am FROM Korea” – so he chose me…and then announced to the crowd, “This is Lisa from Korea.”  Eh…no use correcting him since it got me a seat).  🙂

Look at how giddy I am.  Yay for S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G!!!

In usual spelling bee style, each person got a word, repeated the word, and then had to spell it correctly.  If s/he was incorrect – BUZZ – you got booted off the stage.  I was fifth in line.

Contestant #1:  He had to spell drunkenness.  BUZZ.  There are two n’s in the word.  Off you go.  (I knew how to spell this!)

Contestant #2:  She had to spell gonorrhea.  BUZZ.  She was all sorts of wrong on this word.  Off you go.  (I knew how to spell this!)

Contestant #3:  She had to spell chlamydiaDING DING.  She spelled this one correct.  (To be honest, I probably would have gotten this wrong.)

Contestant #4:  He had to spell facetious.  BUZZ.  This word is tricky, but he wasn’t close.  Off you go.  (I jump up and tell the emcee, “I know this word.  Let me spell it.”  DENIED.)

Finally…my turn:  The emcee says, “spell bougainvillea.”  I seriously think he was trying to end the game fast because that word is ridiculously hard. 

Sound it out, sound it out. 

Needless to say, I was incorrect…I was close, but I missed the “ea” at the ending.  Off I went.  😦

This flower crushed my spelling bee dreams!!!!


In case you are wondering what I could have won: the “chlamydia” winner got a free year membership to the Art Academy (about a $50 value).  But not much value to me since we don’t live in Hawaii. 

Where in the world…

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