An awesome housewarming gift

Our friends Vann and Naomi gave us such a cute and clever housewarming present. It was so cute, I had to share.

housewarming gift

First, Naomi made an adorable homemade card. And with it, came a basket filled with a special blend of applewood, smoked salt. A delicious loaf of cheesy bread from the farmer’s market. And a little dustpan with broom.

You can read in the card what each item symbolizes.

We totally love it!!

A DIY success

Micah and I just experienced our first true DIY project success in the new house. With it, we also experienced all that comes with DIY projects: taking more time than you expect, encountering issues that you didn’t expect, and costing more than you were thinking because you need tools and supplies that you don’t currently own. But nonetheless…we did it!

The problem:

kitchen - old

Picture from staging photos

See that red circle? That’s a nice range hood. But…there’s no place for a microwave in our kitchen unless we want to take up a good amount of counter space.

The solution:

Install an over-the-range microwave. This is typically a $150 – $200 installation fee with the purchase of a new microwave. That’s absurd. That’s more than the price of the microwave!

The reality:

Our plan was to remove existing hood, install new microwave. We were thinking an hour or two at the most. But upon removal of the existing hood – we saw it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Day 1: See that the project won’t be just two hours, watch several YouTube videos on electrical wiring, come up with game plan, check for tools that you don’t have, purchase tools that you don’t have, run out of time and energy to continue project work that day.

Day 2: Muster up energy and motivation to tackle undesirable project, rewatch YouTube videos, start playing with power tools, wire in an electrical outlet, celebrate mini-success that new outlet actually works, deal with complex microwave install instructions, install microwave, see that original drill holes aren’t in the right place, drill new holes, install microwave…and enjoy success that microwave works, microwave is level, and microwave isn’t falling down. Smile



More green tea Kit Kat deliciousness

I’m such a lucky girl! My dear friend Karen was traveling in Japan, and she was determined to bring me back my favorite thing: Green tea kit kats! And for any of those who have been following my blog for quite some time, you’ll know I have a slight obsession with kit kats. And throughout my different tastings – by far, green tea flavor is THE BEST! (They are hard to find here in the States – usually online – and are expensive!)

She had a hard time finding them in Japan, but alas – at the airport, she struck gold green!

green tea kk

She gave us the big size version too. Yummy!!!!


Wouldn’t you just like to have a bite?!

My favorite superhero

Micah and I saw The Avengers movie when it first came out a few weeks ago. It was great! Micah’s always been a bit of superhero junkie. Apparently, he really felt inspired.


I know, I shouldn’t be revealing the true identify of a superhero. So, please keep this secret. Smile


I was lucky enough to snag a picture with this masked avenger.


Our hero! Fighting crime…or handing out gum – both are very important to society.

So this was really for a work thing. They had asked Micah to dress up as Captain America, along with a number of other people who dressed up as other Avenger characters. I never quite saw the connection, but still – people loved it, even the little kids who happened to see him and wanted to their picture next to this superhero. Awwww.


With our new house, comes a new yard. With a new yard, comes a new activity requiring our attention – yardwork. It’s something we haven’t had to do much of since our past residences didn’t come with yards. And while we are excited to have an outdoor space for entertaining – I’m not super keen on the work needed to beautify our yard aka yardify. But Micah is more into that, and I’m happy to help when called upon.

So part of our Sunday was spent digging up lots of weeds, collecting the random junk and bricks scattered throughout the yard, and trying to get inspired for what type of facelift we would like our yard to undergo.


Here’s part of our backyard. This was taken when it was being listed because it looks quite manicured to the state in which it is today.

Micah in yard

Micah kickin’ off some yard work. I helped too…but someone needed to document this.


Here were our other helpers.

I would hope to post some sort of “after” picture – but this is a work in progress (aka we ran out of time and didn’t get it all done).

Settling in

It’s been a week since we closed on our house and started moving in. It’s been a BUSY week.

Micah and I moved nearly everything in on Thursday last week.


Here’s that darn big couch of ours. We had our neighbor help us. It took a good four or so tries before the boys figured out how to get this sucker down the stairs. I, of course, providing coaching from the sidelines. Smile


We were welcomed at our new house with…


…lots of their junk they decided to leave.

We were exhausted after moving all day.


A much deserved beer and Mexican food after a good 12 hours of steady moving!! We were deliriously tired and ridiculously sore.

We spent the first two days moving and unpacking. And although I was hoping we were beyond having to build our own furniture – alas, that was not meant to be.


We only had to put together two pieces of Ikea furniture. One of course, did not come with instructions. So that required only taking it apart twice before finally figuring it out.

We needed to buy a washer and dryer – and we got an awesome deal at Best Buy on these Samsung ones.

washer dryer

Unfortunately, they got delivered – and we ran our first load of laundry – and the dryer doesn’t work!

We had to go back to work on Tuesday – and our awesome realtor, Sheley, delivered to both Micah and I these awesome welcome baskets.

sheley gift

Micah’s version had a more “manly” arrangement. But she included gift cards to Bai Pai’s which is a Thai restaurant right at the end of our block. Super thoughtful of her!

While we are still in the process of getting things delivered, fixed, set up, hung, cleaned, repaired – we are totally loving having our own place.

We plan on having a few housewarming parties – we figure staggering them will force us to get the house in order and those last few boxes unpacked, and pictures on the wall Smile

Casa de Tanaka

We LOVE our new house! But, we are exhausted. Micah and I moved everything (yes, everything – minus one couch) ourselves.
We closed on Wednesday and thus began the moving festivities.
We don’t have Internet yet at our place, so I will keep this post short and write more later.




4 days and counting

Pack. Clean. Move. We have been working like dogs trying to get our place packed up, all the rooms cleaned, and shopping around for some furniture and appliances we’d like to have right away. It’s been busy – but we are making great progress.

We start moving in on Thursday this week. Yippee!! This weekend, we fully packed and cleaned two bathrooms – and those are officially off limits. Our entire kitchen is packed and cleaned (with exception of the food stored in the fridge). We are using disposable cups, plates and utensils. And we cooked our very last meal today (delicious chili) so that we could “sunset” our stove, oven, and microwave. It may seem premature for some, but with our schedules – this was one way to help us streamline the gettin’ out, so that we can enjoy the gettin’ in.


With all this packing – it literally does feel like we are living in a box. They are everywhere!

No more gas

One more week – and we’ll be official homeowners! We are SO excited to be leaving our rental – and all the crabby, noisy, rude, disrespectful, foul-mouthed neighbors that live all around us. (Granted, some of our neighbors are great…emphasis on the some).

Despite our jubilation for bee-lining it outta here – I must admit there is one thing I will really miss about our place. Our gas stovetop.

We’ve been cooking with gas for a while now (even in Korea we had a gas stove top), and it’s going to be hard to give it up. Plus, I always felt that cooking with gas made you a more legit cook – too much Food Network I suppose.

We do plan on renovating our kitchen in the new house – and at that point, we’ll definitely pipe in a gas line and have a nice range. But that won’t happen for a few years. So, we’ll just have to go back to…good ol’ electricity.

The park as my gym

When we were out lounging at the park and soaking up some rays – I got the sudden urge to also workout. I thought, “why not?” I see people working out at the park all the time – be it individuals or groups doing outdoor boot camp classes. Plus, kids do it all the time – don’t they call it a jungle gym? Plus, it was such a nice day that working out on the soft grass and in the sunny weather didn’t quite feel like “working out.”

As you might know, I’m quite the avid Bodyrocker – which gives me a plethora of exercises from which I can put together a nice little workout and without the need for any equipment. So I pulled out my iPhone, wrote down some exercises and used the handy dandy Gymboss Interval iPhone app to help me keep time.


You can program this however you like – it’s pretty nice. And perfect for on the go.

Luckily, the park we went to was fairly light – just a few people here and there. So I could focus on my own workout and not think about people watching me (I don’t do so good with an audience). It was fun – I definitely will do it again and the best part…my workout was done for the day!

jump tuck

Jump tuck!!

Where in the world…

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