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My great blog discovery!

I stumbled upon an awesome food blog today.  It kept me captivated for hours.  I’m fairly certain any good foodie already knows about it (shame on me for JUST learning about it).  It’s called TasteSpottinga food blog for food blogsIt’s essentially a big online library of the thousands of food blogs out there.  You go to the site and you can just browse the thousands of pictures of food…and if something looks good, click on it – and you will be directed to the blog that the recipe is featured on.  Or, search for a specific recipe – and voila’ – pages of pictures with accompanying links. 


I’ve already bookmarked tons of recipes that I want to make (some will have to wait until I’m back in a regular kitchen) that I found using TasteSpottingSo exciting!!

Here are just a few delectable recipes I discovered and want to make:

Minor warning: The unfortunate drawback to killing time perusing a food blog is non-stop hunger pains…even AFTER a big lunch.  :-) 

Whittling away the week

Micah and I just got back from playing tour guide in Seoul.  Our friend Jamie flew in (unfortunately only for the weekend) to visit us and we promised to make it time well-spent.  I’ll have to write more about that visit later once I get the pictures from Jamie.  Just know that we had a FANTASTIC time exploring the city, trying to stay warm, and trying to digest as much Korean food as possible.

In the meantime, Micah and I are both back to school this week.  However, we are both pretty much doing little to nothing.  I usually don’t know until the morning of, if I’ll be teaching any classes that day.  And even then, I’m finding my classes getting cancelled last minute (usually after waiting 10 minutes in an empty classroom, that means class is cancelled.  What a nice warning system huh?). Micah is basically in the same boat – his first day back and zero to do.  Five more days, five more days….

Don’t be confused.  I’m not complaining.  While I may be dying of boredom at times…this free time has allowed me to travel plan to my hearts content.  I have a TON of good food places picked out for our Aussie trip, itinerary all typed up, details all documented.  I’m even starting to think about where to go for our (dates unknown) summer vacation.  🙂

Besides…the few classes I have taught recently are absolute madness.  The students have little NO desire to be in school (they just got back from five weeks of winter vacation and are soon to be on two weeks of spring vacation).  And guaranteed, none of my students have spoken a lick of English in their time off – so when I see them at school, their English vocab has since been reduced slashed to “Hello teacher” and “Goodbye teacher.”  How proud that makes me feel. :-)  Five more days, five more days…

Where in the world…

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