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Oops…this makes 483

I guess that last one was only 482nd post.  Ok, settled.  Officially…483 now! 🙂

Happy Halloween!!

happy halloween

The latest exhibit at the Muto Zoo! Smile

Micah upon seeing this picture: “That’s the shortest neck giraffe I’ve ever seen.”

Welcoming our Korean, but non-Korean friends

Our friends Gabe and Charissa just moved to Seattle.  We met these two while living in Korea (hence, our “Korean” friends).  They were fellow English Teachers living in Daegu – and we hung out with them quite a bit.  And we’ll be going to Mexico in March to go to their wedding!!

Although they just got here, we met up, hung out, and took full advantage of the short-life Seattle summer. 


A Seattle Sounders (soccer) game!  The weather was perfect!  And we won 6-2 that day.  Although soccer isn’t my favorite sport…it’s a lot more enjoyable to watch with friends, in nice weather, and when we win! Smile  Oh yeah, Gabe and  Charissa are the two on the top row right side.  And no, we did not intend for an Asian-only bottom row.  Smile

After the game, we headed to Gabe and Charissa’s new apartment located in the Central District.  They have access to an AMAZING rooftop, complete with gas BBQs, tables, chairs, even a rooftop garden.  AWESOME!


Look how amazing the view is!  We stayed up here until it was dark and too cold to be outside.  So fun!

  We are so excited for our friends to be living in Seattle.  Their arrival is a good reminder of all the great and fun things to do in Seattle – some of which I’ve never even done! 

Watch out crows

And by crows, we mean the ridiculously-loud, squawking crows that like to screech right outside our window in the morning.

Hope they like morning baths!!!

Time for some updates

Hi all,

Yes, yes…I know.  It’s been a LOOOOOONG time since I’ve blogged about anything.   I have reasons…very good reasons…which of course, you’ll need to read my posts to find out why.

I’ll be updating all this week.  For now, this post will have to suffice.  Gotta run to Costco before the mad crowds build….you understand, right? 

Making Beer Part 2

Hi folks, it’s Micah! I’m contributing a post to continue on Lisa’s entry about our first beer making experience. The last time you read, we were letting our ‘beeya’ ferment.


We let this bad boy ferment for around 2 weeks and now on to the next phase, bottling. Currently the beer is somewhat drinkable, but you bottle the beer now to carbonate it (I tasted it and it’s not too bad).


These are the standard 1 liter bottles that come with the Mr. Beer kit, but some people like to use glass bottles and recap them.


Next, we add the sugar. Putting too much over carbonates the beer, while putting too little makes the beer flat.


Voila! Let the bottling process begin! This takes approximately 1-2 weeks, then the beer is ready to go.


Stay tuned for more details in about 2 weeks! and if you’re lucky, maybe we’ll invite you over for a taste.

Back in the saddle

Hi all!!!

It’s me!!!  I know, I know.  Sorry for such a long hiatus.  Hopefully some of my avid fans (i.e. my parents and my sister) haven’t moved on to some other MuchAdoAboutinsertname blog.

Oddly enough, I have a ton to blog about, but just haven’t mustered up the energy to do it.  Perhaps I’m suffering from having too much to blog about. 

But I’m committed and have a renewed energy – so stay tuned for real, weekly-ish, updates!  And, there should be some fun posts from my better half!

Merry Christmas from Snowzilla!

Here’s what I found when I Googled “Alaska in December”


Say hello to Snowzilla!

Here’s the accompanying story in case you are interested.  The story is a couple of years old, but I’m hoping he’s still around for our visit to the snowy frontier.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Welcome Nori Claire…

My sister, Christine, had her second child yesterday (a St. Patrick’s Day baby!).  Her and her hubby Mike named their little girl, Nori Claire.  She is 7lbs and 19 inches long.  A healthy and adorable little thing.  I haven’t seen any pics yet, but hopefully soon.  Congratulations!!!

More white stuff

We did have a small window of time on Saturday to take a walk in our winter wonderland.  Actually, I was out of of flour, and wanted to bake some cookies, so we walked to the store – a good 3 miles round trip.  It was really cute seeing all of the kiddos sledding down the hills at the parks by our house.  We also found this to be quite entertaining as well. 


Considering we live on "Cougar Mountain Way" – there are these retaining walls along the street decorated with metal cougars (only in Bellevue would they spend money on something like that…anyway).  But I thought the little Christmas Cougar was a nice touch.

We, of course, had to ham it up with the Christmas Cougar.  Grrrr, or rather…brrrrrr! 🙂 DSCN0007 DSCN0009

Where in the world…

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