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Vegas getaway

Ah, I finally have a chance to post about our Vegas trip.  It was 5 days/4 nights of non-stop laughter, fun, pranks, gambling, sunning, surprises, and picture taking.  There ended up being 14 of us total – and we all had a blast!

Day 1: Thursday night

We check into our hotel – MGM Grand – late..really late.  But we were all set to go out for dinner anyway.  I changed into my white dress since the dress code had stated “ladies wear white.”  SURPRISE!  I soon realized I was the only one wearing white.  It was a surprise engagement party for Micah and I. 

Our friends gave Micah a kickass blue tuxedo t-shirt.  And I of course had to wear a veil.

All the other girls are wearing bridesmaid dresses from previous weddings they’ve been in.  It was awesome!


Since it was 2am – and a Thursday night – the only thing still open in our hotel was…Mickey Ds!  So…Mickey Ds it was!

Reception dinner – catering provided by McDonalds. 🙂


Day 2: Friday

Morning: Surprisingly, a few peeps in the gang wanted to workout.  So Coach Lisa took them through a BodyRock workout right in our room.

Don’t be fooled.  Tarah might be smiling – but this workout had everyone drenched in sweat after the 12 minutes were up.


Afternoon:  Pool time! 

Boo!!  At first, the pool was closed due to some cloudy weather.

So we explored the strip for awhile – and ran into Hello Kitty.  Ah, it felt a little like Korea.


The weather finally turned hot and sunny, so from the gambling tables to the pool we headed!


Night:  Friday night – the boy and girls were on their own.  The boys all ate a ridiculous amount of chicken wings at Hooters…and called it an early night.  Not the girls!  We decided that I should wear the veil again and sort of consider it a bachelorette party (which only helps in scoring free drinks and not waiting line).  So we all got dolled up in our “Foxy Brown” attire – and hit the town.

Ready for a fun-filled, crazy night with the girls! 

Day 3: Saturday

The day time was all about COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!  It was my first time placing sports bets at a casino.  The games really become MUCH more intriguing when you have a little money on the line. 🙂

Place your bets!

  In the end, I won $20, lost $40.  Micah was about the same too.

Woo hoo!  I bet on my beloved Cougs…and came out a winner.  Although, WSU did lose the game in the end.


Once night time arrived – it was time for our Vegas Strip Crawl.  (Basically, head from bar to bar, hotel to hotel, and have a drink at each place).  I think only one person in our group managed to do this successfully.  I threw in the towel early…but played some Blackjack at a few different places along the way and won some cash!

Had SUCH a fun night.  We were out til 4am!


Day 4: Sunday

Our friends Aaron and Regina decided to renew their wedding vows while we were all in Vegas.  It was so fun! 

Congratulations 3-yearly weds!


This is Regina.  Also a bridesmaid in our wedding.   


And at night – we all went to the old part of Vegas and gambled, walked the strip, and ate delicious oxtail soup at Micah’s favorite joint.


The old part of Vegas is really cool and a much different vibe than the “strip.”  I loved it here.  Cheap gambling, cheap drinks, and a fun atmosphere.


Eating some late night oxtail soup at the California Hotel.  Seriously, the best thing I ate in Vegas that whole weekend.  It was awesome.


And of course we had to wake up all our friends at 3am – and shower them with all the nudie cards that are handed out EVERYWHERE along the strip.


Day 5: Sunday

Time to go home!  But not after a few hours of delays and sitting in the plane on the runway—and not going anywhere for over an hour. 

Viva las Vegas!!!!

We had such a fantastic time.  No one got sick – food or otherwise. 🙂 No lost wallets or cell phones.  I’m ready to plan for next year! 🙂

30 is the new 20 – Vegas here we come!

Alright, so Micah and I (along with a full crowd of friends and friends of friends) are headed to Vegas – for FOUR nights.  I know, I know…that’s about one to two more nights than most kids can handle partying it up in Vegas.  But our friends have planned a most exciting itinerary of events (including some surprises we aren’t even sure of).  And the ladies have been instructed to wear outfits based on certain criteria: hot chicks in black, all-white night, Foxy Brown night, etc. etc.

It’s gonna be a great weekend!  Although there will be some 20-somethings coming along…there are quite a few of us who have hit the 30 year mark.  We plan on proving that we can still hang with the young kids – and do it with more style and class than when we were 21, 22, 23, 24, and…let’s throw in 25 too. 🙂

We got a ridiculous deal for round-trip air and lodging at the MGM Grand ($275/person).  I can’t wait to play a little blackjack and see if some of my luck playing blackjack in Korea can rub off in Vegas (knock on wood).


  We will see you soon Mr. MGM.

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