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Wedding recap: It IS all fun and games

As you might already know, Micah and I love playing games – be it cards, board games, video games, etc. 

So, we knew we wanted to incorporate a bit of that into our wedding and have a little fun with our guests. 

For starters, we decided on a unique way of doing our guest “book.” 

scrabble game

It’s a Scrabble board!  We asked guests to sign the back of it.

And we played three games during the wedding reception.

1. At the start of the reception, we played a favorite game of ours called Whoonu (as in Who Knew).  It’s a Cranium game – in which you are trying to pick someone’s favorite thing (but limited to the “things” listed on the cards in your hand).  It’s super easy and a great get to know you game.  Of course, we put our twist on this. 

whoonu game

Each guest was given their name card that included their table assignment on it.  But on the back of each card was a completely random thing.  (P.S. the design on the card matches the design of our wedding invitations!)

Guests most likely didn’t even know there was something written on the back, or if they did – wasn’t sure what it meant. 

So when it was time to play – we asked each table to look at the back of their cards, and pick the card that everyone at that table thought was Micah and my favorite thing.  Tables worked together to choose that one card.  (Note: these really were random.  Some were good things like "the internet” and some could go either way like “talking on the phone,” “scary movies,” “staying up late.”)

Micah and I then had to put the cards in order from most favorite to least favorite.  And we revealed the answers to the room.  It was super fun and super easy to play (but takes a bit of prep time in making all the cards….but I’m sure there are tons of other easier ways of doing it).


The winning table (I believe they had “potluck”) all got candy prizes.  The losing table each won a roll of toilet paper!  (I can’t remember what their cards was).


2. The second game we played was to determine the order of tables to the buffet line.  Instead of just going numerically, we mixed it up with some “Name that tune!”  The great part about this game was that the DJ handled it all.  He played a few seconds of a song (and varied it up with songs from different eras) and people had to shout out the answer.  If you were correct, your table was next for the buffet.    

3. Okay, the last game we played right after dinner – the shoe game!  I read about this game on some wedding blogs and knew it was something we wanted to play at our wedding.

The premise is simple:


Sit back to back.  Each person holds two shoes (one of their own, one from the other person).



Next, have the emcee ask questions (that we already had prepared) about “who is a better ____?”  or “who is more likely to _____?”  You answer by raising either your own shoe, or the other person’s.  It’s SUPER fun and fun for the guests too.


For example, we had “Who is a better cook?”  – we both raised Micah’s shoe.  “Who is more likely to eat dessert for breakfast?” – we both raised my shoe.  “Who is a better driver?” – we each raised our own shoe!

Games were a perfect fit for our fun and whimsical wedding.  If you are planning a wedding, then consider it too!  (But…know your guests.  We knew our friends and family would be up for the silly fun).

TV try #2

You may remember that last year around this time, I made a big (awesome) sign, in an attempt to get on national TV for the Seattle Seahawks vs St. Louis Rams football game.  It was a primetime game, televised nationally.  (We won! Which led us to the playoffs).

Well, the result was that I didn’t make it.  Probably due to the fact that…well, see that big lighted sign behind us?  That’s located at the top near the endzone.  And we obviously aren’t far from it.  “Location, location, location!”

Well, this past Thursday, Micah and I had tickets for the Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles game.  This was a primetime game on the NFL Network (a cable station…but the only game on that night).  Yes, this was my 2nd chance!

my sign

Woo hoo!!!

I made a few modifications:

1. LOCATION!  See how close I am to the field?  Yeah, these are the best seats we’ve ever had.  There’s tons of camera people just a short distance away.  In fact, we are just one section over from where the NFL Network crew was broadcasting.


Hi Deion Sanders!

2. Sign color.  Seahawks neon green.  Much more attention-grabbing I say.

3. Christmas-theme.  Look at that cute Santa hat – that I totally free-handed.

I couldn’t think of anything clever enough to write that incorporated the NFL acronym…so my message is simple, but embodies a true Seahawk fan enthusiasm.Smile

Funny, from these seats – a lot of these football players are actually pretty tiny.

The other thing about these seats is that nearly everyone stands…and they stand the entire time.  And because you are so close to the field, it’s hard to put a sign up in the air as it will quite easily block people’s views…their expensive views. 

This posed a problem.  An awesome sign.  And no way to show it. 

So…I waited for half time when most people clear their seats.  Perfect…sort of.  Halftime is also when there are lots of commercials and most viewers tune into something else. 

But right at the end of halftime, I caught the attention of a camera guy and YES!  He held a steady shot on me and my sign for a good 15 seconds!!

Unfortunately, we didn’t record this game at home.  And I’ve heard nothing from anyone about seeing me on TV.  So, it’s hard to say if they actually aired that footage.  I like to believe they did Smile

On a related note, this was an AWESOME game to watch.  We stayed to the very end…and later (my last chance for airtime!)

Week 2 of flag football

So despite us both being a bit laggard this past Sunday (we had just gotten back from our Oktoberfest trip), Micah and I geared up for our second flag football game. 

Team Boom

Team BOOM!  I’m not too fond of the purple jerseys (yick..Husky colors!) but the people are great!

The rain threatened to come down on us, but never did (but did as soon as our game finished).  And we won (32 to 12)!!  Micah played great, as usual!  And I threw a nice extra point conversion.  So, we are now 2-0…which is a better record than some of my fantasy football teams right now.

Flags, football, fun

Somehow, someway, Micah and I are now playing on a co-ed flag football team (which is a little surprising considering Micah has never had much interest in playing “that” level of football).  We had our first game over the weekend – and we won!  For Micah (of course), flag football is child’s play.  But for me, well…I’ve never played it before.  Sure, I can throw a football around for fun, but a football player that does not make. 

So I wasn’t sure what to expect for our first game.  And since it’s co-ed, three girls have to be on the field at all times.  We had exactly three girls.  I played the whole time.  Fortunately, I caught on quick enough…and had a really fun time!

We actually both played really well.  Micah scored two touchdowns and had one interception.  I had zero touchdowns and no interceptions.  But…I did have three good catches.  Smile

micah_flag fball

You’d think Micah (a former football player) would have all the right gear.  Smile

Let the games begin!

Football season has officially started.  There’s college football to watch (Go WSU!), there’s the Seahawks to pray for, and there are fantasy football teams to manage.

Not sure what got into me – but I have FOUR fantasy football teams this season.  And one is actually a pay league.  And with my team – I have a fairly decent chance to win some $$ (I know, risky to say since it’s only week 1). 

It’ll be interesting and very challenging to keep it all straight.  On any given matchup -  I might need a player to do well (if he’s on my fantasy team) and not do well (if I’m playing against him in a different fantasy league).  Plus, there’s injury reports to stay on top of, bye weeks to consider, players to take a gamble on, and others to know when to cut.  But that is the beauty of fantasy football!  Wish me luck!!

We ran, we finished, we ate pancakes

Yay…we did it!  And we all came out alive (I was a little worried there during the race).  After several months of playing running coach for Tarah, Anthony, and Aaron – the time had come for the feet to meet the pavement.


All smiles before the start of the Labor Day Half Marathon in Woodinville.

I’ve run several races now, and this course was not one of my favorites.  It had both a few hills and flat areas (which is good), but so much of the course was on trails – trails that are popular to other bikers/walkers/runners/strollers.  Essentially, many times during the race – we had to be on the alert and actually move over for passing bikers.  Personally, for a race we pay for – I don’t think we should have to be competing for running space like that.

Nonetheless, the gang did really good.  We had set a strategy pre-race that I would stick with Anthony the whole time (as he would benefit more from my persistent nagging to “keep moving”) and Tarah and Aaron would pair up and run however fast they could. 

Tarah ended up finishing first of us four – yay for her!  Aaron was next – as he had to stop briefly because he was about to throw up.  And then Anthony and I raced to the finish line. 

Even though they didn’t meet their goal time of 2:10 – they did great!  It was Anthony and Tarah’s very first half marathon.  (And until we started training for this race, they had never run longer than six miles.  So they came a LONG way).  The last part of the course was not so fun – we were running in the really hot sun, with no water stations for the last three miles.  I was happy I got Anthony to finish strong though – which required a bit of bargaining.  “We’ll walk to that bend in the road…but then you have to run until the next mile marker.”

half mar2

Aaron, me, Anthony, and Tarah. 

  half mar1

Ewww…a sweaty Lisa sandwich.  Aaron and Anthony are major sweat monsters. 

Even though the gang was exhausted – we finished up our race experience with a super delicious breakfast!  A veggie omelet, hashbrowns, and pancakes!!  Perfect recovery food Smile

13.1 in 12 days

As you may already know, I’ve been playing faux running coach to my friends for the past few months.  Their goal being to run their first half marathon (aka 13.1 miles).

We have our half marathon selected.  It’s in Woodinville on Monday, Labor Day (12 days to go!).  I’ve never run this course before, so that will be new for me. 

Trying to coordinate a running schedule for four people, during a very busy summer – well, it’s not easy.  The original goal was to not only finish, but to finish with averaging a 10 minute per mile pace.  Hmm.  Go re-read the first sentence of this paragraph.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.  Umm…yeah.  I’ll be shocked pleasantly surprised if we can accomplish this.  I’m not saying it won’t happen…that would be very un-coachly of me.  But, my friends will need quite a bit of pep in their step that day.

Aaron, Anthony, and I ran a 10k at the end of July.  It was on a Friday evening, running along the waterfront at Myrtle Edwards Park. 

To download this photo, click on "Actions" and choose "View All Sizes" from the pull down menu. Once you get to the All Sizes window, you can select a size and download it by clicking on "Download the X size of this photo."

How rude.  The sun is making us squinch our faces.

It was a fast and easy run.  And a good opportunity for Anthony, to get a longer race under his belt.  The fun part was at the end…

To download this photo, click on "Actions" and choose "View All Sizes" from the pull down menu. Once you get to the All Sizes window, you can select a size and download it by clicking on "Download the X size of this photo."

Ha!  Aaron thought he could out sprint me at the end.  I don’t think so!

We kicked, we balled…we got 3rd place

Our summer kickball season is over.  Sniff, sniff.  Our team was actually pretty good.  We only had one loss in the regular season, and we easily made it past the first round of playoffs. 

The second round is where things got a bit exciting.  We were down 7 to 2 early in the game.  We were making lots of silly mistakes.  The sun was beating down on us.  But we kicked harder, ran faster, and pegged our opponents with the ball.  We ended up winning 8 to 7 – and on we moved to the next game (which was immediately following this first game).

That’s where things got ugly, quickly.  We were missing easy catches.  We were overthrowing balls.  We were kicking like…crap.  And the sun continued to beat down on us.  We ended up losing…very badly.  But as our “coach” liked to say, “If you had fun, you won!!”

kickball - Oskars

Go Team Oskar’s! 

Newest member to the team

Remember WAYYYYYYYYY (add or subtract the “Ys” as you see fit) back in elementary/middle school?  I’ll give you a moment to think.  Tick, tock, tick, tock.  Ok, one of my favorite PE activities back then was…KICKBALL!  Kick a ball, run around bases, peg people with the ball to tag them out…ah, love it. 

Well, Micah and I, and a number of other friends are playing in a Sunday co-ed kickball league.  It’s super fun!!  Plus, it’s an easy game to play, and doesn’t take much energy – perfect for getting in some outdoor love on a Sunday afternoon.


We are actually a fairly decent team.  One loss, and five wins…so far!


Go Team Oskar’s! Our team got sponsored by Oskar’s Kitchen (which former Sonic Shawn Kemp owns).  I’m absent from pic above – was on a plane at the time.

While Tera & Co. were in town last week, we had a kickball game to play.  We thought we’d try and recruit our own Isabella to join.


Don’t worry Isabella, the cutoff sleeve is just part of the uniform!  Hmm…now to find you a shirt….and shorts.



I think she is super excited to come play with us!



Ah…nevermind.  You stay home then.  There’s no crying in kickball!  P.S. You need a shirt.

We beat the bridge, but we did not keep our feet dry

Our friends Tarah and Anthony, along with myself ran the Nordstrom-sponsored Beat the Bridge 8k (about 5 miles) race this morning.  In typical Seattle fashion – it was raining pouring.  It didn’t make for the best running conditions, but we managed to still make it through to the finish line (soaking wet from head to toe)…and then on to a much-deserved huge ol’ breakfast (complete with chocolate chip pancakes)


We decided to run this race together, which was fine with me since I figured I could try and push them a little harder.  We did great!  We finished in 45:53…just about 9:15/miles. 

I’m super proud of them!  In addition to keeping up with half marathon training, I’ll be looking for a good 10k or 12k for them to run this summer.  Our other friend Aaron, will rejoin the gang shortly (he’s been out letting his fractured elbow heal)

And in case you are wondering, yes – this was a Nordstrom-sponsored race, but that doesn’t mean Micah was any bit interested in participating…as a runner!  Instead, he donated some money in my name and was our chauffeur Smile

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