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TV try #2

You may remember that last year around this time, I made a big (awesome) sign, in an attempt to get on national TV for the Seattle Seahawks vs St. Louis Rams football game.  It was a primetime game, televised nationally.  (We won! Which led us to the playoffs).

Well, the result was that I didn’t make it.  Probably due to the fact that…well, see that big lighted sign behind us?  That’s located at the top near the endzone.  And we obviously aren’t far from it.  “Location, location, location!”

Well, this past Thursday, Micah and I had tickets for the Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles game.  This was a primetime game on the NFL Network (a cable station…but the only game on that night).  Yes, this was my 2nd chance!

my sign

Woo hoo!!!

I made a few modifications:

1. LOCATION!  See how close I am to the field?  Yeah, these are the best seats we’ve ever had.  There’s tons of camera people just a short distance away.  In fact, we are just one section over from where the NFL Network crew was broadcasting.


Hi Deion Sanders!

2. Sign color.  Seahawks neon green.  Much more attention-grabbing I say.

3. Christmas-theme.  Look at that cute Santa hat – that I totally free-handed.

I couldn’t think of anything clever enough to write that incorporated the NFL acronym…so my message is simple, but embodies a true Seahawk fan enthusiasm.Smile

Funny, from these seats – a lot of these football players are actually pretty tiny.

The other thing about these seats is that nearly everyone stands…and they stand the entire time.  And because you are so close to the field, it’s hard to put a sign up in the air as it will quite easily block people’s views…their expensive views. 

This posed a problem.  An awesome sign.  And no way to show it. 

So…I waited for half time when most people clear their seats.  Perfect…sort of.  Halftime is also when there are lots of commercials and most viewers tune into something else. 

But right at the end of halftime, I caught the attention of a camera guy and YES!  He held a steady shot on me and my sign for a good 15 seconds!!

Unfortunately, we didn’t record this game at home.  And I’ve heard nothing from anyone about seeing me on TV.  So, it’s hard to say if they actually aired that footage.  I like to believe they did Smile

On a related note, this was an AWESOME game to watch.  We stayed to the very end…and later (my last chance for airtime!)

Where in the world…

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