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Concert-going…even on a school night

Wednesday night I headed to a concert at the Showbox in downtown Seattle.  I met up with my friend Tarah – and we were off to see singer/songwriter Joshua Radin (pronounced “Raid-en”).  He’s awesome.  Really really awesome.  Awesome enough that I was motivated enough to go his concert…my first concert in years…and on a school night!  And…it was totally worth the $20 ticket.  He’s adorable, sounds amazing live, tells great stories to accompany his songs – and had some very cool openers: Laura Jansen and Cary Brothers.

Interestingly enough, I found out about Radin a year ago from watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  The song was amazing…so naturally, I had to find out more – and thus, stumbled upon the beautiful voice of Josh Radin.  (He’s also had his songs featured in Scrubs, One Tree Hills, and many others). 

Although the Showbox (my first time to that venue) was sold out and he has a significant fan base – he’s still not a household name.  Since I think he’s awesome, I’ll take this opportunity to promote a bit of his music – and perhaps, help him gain a fan or two. 


Seriously–isn’t this song awesome? This is the song that got me HOOKED!
Love this song too.
Another good one for ya!

He’s got many other good songs, but I’d probably say – if none of these three songs I put on here pique your interest…then…what’s wrong with you?!!! SmileEnjoy!

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