Meatless Mondays

I’ve become a vegetarian…on Mondays only. :-)  It’s not like I eat a HUGE amount of meat all the time, but Korean cuisine is definitely meat-centric.  And I’m not complaining, because the food is so good. 

I just figured that one day out of the week, I’d make sure and eat something that wasn’t chicken, pork, or beef.  So yeah, technically I’ve become a ‘pescatarian’ (meaning seafood is ok).

One caveat to my mission:

  • Lunch doesn’t count.  I don’t have any choice for my school lunch since I eat cafeteria food.  But school lunches usually have a very minimal amount of meat anyway.

I’ve been practicing Meatless Mondays for over two months now and it’s going great.  I actually find myself inadvertently going meatless on other days as well. 

And since we live so close to an open market, it’s very easy to pick up a good variety of fruits and veggies – and it’s soooo cheap.

I’ve done tofu stir fry, salads, seafood soups, rice dishes – it’s been pretty easy.  The one challenge is usually…MICAH.  See, this is MY thing…not his.  Micah loves his meat.  And he has absolutely no desire to partake in my one-day-a-week meat strike.  So, most of the time, he just cooks some meat on the side and then adds it into whatever the main meal is. 

One more caveat:

  • Vacations don’t count.  We’ll be heading out in about a month to Hong Kong, the Phillippines and Singapore – and one of the things I love most about traveling is eating all the different foods.

1 Response to “Meatless Mondays”

  1. 1 Tera July 5, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    I have been doing the same thing, except that: days I don’t work, every other monday, when ground beef is on sale, when it rains in seattle, and when Isabella is fussy…those don’t count!!! haha You are so funny…I have yet to see an icecream-free day posting!

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